Clothing condition

 In order to help you see the quality standard for each item. We created four terms we use throughout the store to help you better understand the items conditions. The terms are as followed: 

FANTASTIC: The item appears new. It may have minor imperfections, however, looks like it was never worn and some may still have their original tags attached. 

GREAT: The item may have a minor imperfection, such as a minor mark or pulled string. However, the over-all quality of the item is acceptable. 

 DECENT: The item shows some visible signs of wear. It could contain some of the following imperfections. De-colouration, stains, minor holes, pilling etc.

 VINTAGE:The item is visibly used and shows signs of distress. May have visible stains, holes or other imperfections.  

If you need more details on a specific item, please do not hesitate to email 



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